Opening hours this summer

JURK are open from 11th of June to 02nd of August, our opening hours on telephone or personal attendance are Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00-14:00.

Legal counselling for women (JURK) is an organization run by law students, that gives free, customized self-help to anyone who defines themselves as women.

We provide legal aid by assisting clients in specific cases, and through rights information and political work.

If you have a legal question regarding children, family, inheritance, labor, discrimination, social security, housing, immigration cases, debt, violence or imprisonment, please contact us. If you have a question and wonder if this is something we can help you with, you can also contact us. If we cannot help, we will try to address you to the right place.

Upload documents

If you have an open case with us, and have been asked to send us any dokuments, please press "Upload documents". If you have been asked to submit a power of attorney you can use the template below.

Power of attorney (pdf)

Upload documents