Writing Impactful CV and Cover Letters


Make the most out of your CV and Cover letter! You can bring an up to date CV to work on. 

Please join us for a lecture on how to make an impactful CV and cover letter, from an expert in the field.

This open lecture is then followed by a more specialised workshop on designing your own career path and optimising your use of linkedin for career growth. To attend the limited capacity workshop follow the link to this page

The workshop will be given by Dr Girish Kedar, who is an entrepeneur and career coach as well as a neuroscientist. 

Coffee and tea will be served :) 

Get started thinking about your career, ready for the new year!

Art of writing impactful resume and cover letter (CL):

1. Differences between common and impactful CV

2. Four crucial aspects of writing any CV or CL

3. Common mistakes in CV and CL

4. Create your own impactful resume

Girish Kedar < https://www.linkedin.com/in/girish-kedar/ > was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. For his higher studies, he moved to Sweden in 2009 and since then he studied and worked in different European countries like Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. He holds a pharmacist degree from India and a PhD in Neuroscience from Vrije University < https://www.vu.nl/en >, Amsterdam. After a big struggle in finding the right job in the pharma industry, Girish came up with a plan B - he started his own business and founded The GLOVERK Consultancy < https://www.gloverk.com/ >. While working for different companies he figured out exactly what went wrong with his job hunt in past.Hence, apart from his business, he started sharing those secrets and strategies of finding a job in industry with PhDs and PostDocs. Ultimately, using the same strategy Girish was able to get hired by the world's largest notified body British Standards Institute (BSI) and now works full-time for BSI. In this interaction, Girish will share the same secrets and strategies for efficient transition from Academia to Industry.

Postdocs are very welcome to attend :)




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