PhD & Postdoc Breakfast Club

The PhD & Postdoc Breakfast Club (PPBC) is a line of breakfast seminars that offers PhD candidates and Postdocs a social platform in addition to academic and non-academic training.  

PPBC 2021

The PhD & Postdoc Breakfast Club was initially started in 2018 by the MN Faculty, in collaboration with UiODoc, for MN PhD candidates. Since then, a lot has changed and the PPBC became available for all PhD or Postdoc in every faculty. 

The PhD Breakfast Club used to take place at "Scene HumSam" (library entrance, Georg Sverdrups hus) or at other venues at UiO. Please note that as of 2020, in light of the pandemic and related restrictions on social events, all Breakfast Club meetings take place digitally on Zoom (the Zoom link will be sent after the participants register for each event.)

The events are held Thursday morning, once a month.

In case there is no pandemic happening: The breakfasts are for free and are served from 08:30. The seminars begin at 09:00 and take 45 minutes, so that you can be at work by 10:00. All presentations will be given in English. 

PPBC 2020

Since some events re-occur every year, you might ask yourself what to expect. That's where the list of PPBCs in 2020 can come in handy.


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"Scene HumSam"