Seminars, workshops and panels

Together, seminars, worshops and panels form what we in UiODoc call our “career events.” These are events of various kinds aimed at what PhDs and postdocs are most interested in – on the one hand, making our daily working life at the university easier, and on the other, planning for our future careers.

UiODoc’s career events includes seminars with speakers from both inside and outside of UiO, who in the past have given us introductions to a broad range of topics; workshops, where we are able to get more in-depth help with our work; and panels, where we invite multiple speakers to discuss a topic of interest to UiO doctoral research fellows.

Our most consistent event is the the PhD and Postdoc Breakfast Club (PPBC), which is usually held the last Thursday of each month and addresses various useful topics. Among our other regular events we have “kappe workshops” (where we are given help from an expert to write the introductory text to an article-based dissertation), held usually at least once per semester; “meet the union” events, where representatives from the main Norwegian labour unions at UiO have a chance to present themselves and their works; and panels, and we try to also arrange the two latter types of events once per year. 

An example from our career events - meeting with the unions at UiO