Who are we?

We are an organization that works to represent, support and improve the academic, educational and social experiences of PhD candidates and postdocs at the University of Oslo. Additionally, we contribute to strategies concerning education and research, both at UiO and on a national level.

How do we do it?

UiODoc addresses the needs and opinions of PhD candidates and postdocs by acting as their voice within UiO management. We also provide academic and social networking opportunities for the PhD candidates and postdocs at all faculties by organizing both professional and social events.

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In accordance with the updated UiO guidelines regarding the Coronavirus, we have canceled all upcoming events up to April 14th.
We will inform you in due time about further future cancellations.


In response to COVID-19, the University of Oslo has adopted regulations regarding work from home:  since the UiO is now closed, PhDs and PostDocs should not stay in the university buildings unless explicitly instructed to do so. Ordinary working hours are still the norm.

In the case of employees with children, each employee must consider whether working at home may be combined with care for children. If needing care for children instead of working, care days must be used ('sick child / sick child'). If the quota has been used up, we will grant welfare leave with salary. For PhD and postdocs who receive absence of 10 days or more in relation to care for children due to closed schools / kindergartens, UiO will grant extensions.

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The University has also adopted new regulations regarding medical certification for approved absence of students from exams. The new regulations will be effective as of today (March 16th) until September 1st 2020.  The study administration is going to establish a reporting system based on web form.

  • To alleviate some of the pressure on the health system, students no longer need a doctor's note if they are sick or in quarantine and cannot make it to an exam but can self-certify their absence  (this rule does not apply to sick leaves for employees , it's only about exams).
  • The usual deadline for notification of absence is prolonged to one week after the date of the respective exam.

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Welcome package

Welcome to the University of Oslo. 

Here you can find the Welcome Package for new employees. The welcome package is a document full of useful information about living and working in Norway.