UiODoc is an organization working for the common academic, professional and social interests of PhD Candidates and Postdocs at the University of Oslo (UiO).

UiODoc's main aims are:

  • To serve as a link between the University Management and Administration and PhD Candidates and Postdocs at UiO
  • To develop a common forum for PhD Candidates and Postdocs at UiO
  • To contribute to the scientific and academic development of PhD Candidates and Postdocs at UiO

UiODoc organises several seminars and social events for PhD Candidates and Postdocs from all faculties and institutes at UiO. Our executive team is a diverse mix of people from various faculties and backgrounds.

UiODoc collaborates closely with the PhD-organisation at the national level (Stipendiat- organisasjonenen i Norge, SiN) as well as local PhD-organizations at UiO Institutes and Faculties.

UiODoc was first established in 2003 on a voluntarily initiative, but it was revived in 2008 and since then been active arranging various events, e.g., seminars and debates. Over this period UiODoc relied exclusively on volunteer work and sporadic economic contributions from UiO in support of specific events. In 2013 the UiO administration decided to support UiODoc financially, which has pivotal to allow UiODoc to organise several high-profile events every year and raise its visibility within our community.

Published Nov. 7, 2013 11:15 AM - Last modified Nov. 30, 2014 8:44 PM