Advisory Board

Margret Veltman, former President

PhD Candidate at the National History Museum, Plant Evolution and DNA Metabarcoding Group. Margret is researching the impact of illegal harvesting and trade on plant genetic diversity. Partnering with the IUCN and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, she is working on specific groups of orchids that are endangered due to systematic overexploitation. Her project is part of the EU funded network ‘Plant.ID’, and aims to develop new tools for identifying plants with molecular data. Margret has an interdisciplinary interest in combining ethnobotany, bioinformatics and conservation. She also enjoys running, yoga and the outdoors.


Erling Agøy, former Events Officer 

PhD Candidate (4th year completion grant) in the Chinese studies working group at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages. Erling's research concerns the human impact of climate change in 17th century East China (Jiangnan). Specifically, he uses historical sources to study the impact of climate change on developments and local society (e.g. the Manchu invasion), what people did to adapt to the changes and how the climate was perceived during this period of cold and unstable weather during the later phase of the Little Ice Age. He has much experience organising events of different many kinds, both in a work setting and more importantly through volunteering. Outside of work, Erling enjoys travelling, hiking and writing.


Lasse Keetz, former Events Officer

PhD Candidate in Climate and Vegetation Dynamics at the Department of Geosciences in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. Lasse is using computer models to study how plants and the climate interact and what this might mean for a warming planet. His main motivation for this work is to learn more about the complexity of our environment and about what kind of future we might have to deal with. Without corona restrictions, Lasse likes to spend his free time in music venues, trying out various types of physical exercise, and exploring urban environments as well as hiking trails.

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