Executive Committee

Meet the UiODoc executive committee for 2018/2019. You can also read a description of the positions and tasks.

Arsenii Zabirnyk, President. Marie Curie postoctoral fellow at Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine. Arsenii investigates severe cardiovascular disease - aortic valve stenosis, trying to understand the mechanisms underlying pathogenic valve calcification and stop them. Previously he has investigated cardiovascular diseases and adult stem cells in Ukrainian and Russian research institutes and universities where he was also involved in temporary staff self-organisation. He is fond of free-diving, spearfishing and hiking – especially during the mushroom season.


Stefanie Falk, Secretary. Postdoc at the Department of Geosciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.Stefanie studies the effect of elevated surface ozone concentrations on natural and semi-natural vegetation in northern Scandinavia.Her work includes mainly data analysis (models and observations) and modeling of various kind - from global-scale chemistry transport models via regional-scale chemistry models to process modeling at plant level. After finishing her PhD in Astroparticle Physics with a focus on radiative transfer of UV light in the atmosphere, she went on to study brominated very short-lived ozone depleting substances in the tropical stratosphere as well as the polar boundary layer. She is also member in the board of environmental physics within the German physical society (DPG) and the Sing-, Tanz- und Spielkreise Baden-Württemberg. She likes the arts, dancing, music (listening and playing), painting and sketching, any kind of needle work - but she also enjoys hiking and biking.


Vladimir Levchenko, SiN Liaison officer. Vladimir is a PhD candidate in chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo. He is working on synthesis of organometallic gold(III) complexes and metal-organic frameworks for further implementation in catalysis. Vladimir is also developing skills in the field of computational chemistry, particularly in DFT calculations, to compliment the experimental findings. Before joining UiODoc he was engaged in the Norwegian Chemical Society in Oslo, where he is currently involved now in addition to UiODoc. ​


Yasemin Hacioglu, PR officer. PhD Candidate at the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages. Yasemin studies eighteenth-century women’s poetry within novels, in the works of Charlotte Smith, Ann Radcliffe and Amelia Opie. She is working on how the culture of adolescent girls’ and young women’s poetry composition is represented and used within the novels to explore the heroines’ agency. The project uses cognitive theory, especially ideas of extended mind. Yasemin has previous experience working with university outreach schemes, and in women’s welfare support within and outside of academia. She is especially interested in welfare and outreach events and projects.


Reidar Schei Jessen, PR / Representatives officer. PhD Candidate in Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences.






Riccardo Pulicani, Events officer. PhD Candidate in Linguistics at the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages. Riccardo studies the relationship between quantification and Information Structure in Romance languages, with a focus on Italian. He uses experimental methods to investigate how different syntactic environments affect the interpretation of sentences containing more than one quantifier (i.e. quantity words as “some”, “every”, “at least one”). His project is based on Generative Grammar (Chomsky, 1957) and on experimental approaches to the Syntax-Semantics Interface (Heim&Kratzer, 1998). Riccardo has previous experience working as interpreter and translator and as museum guide. He is also interested in events planning and outreach projects management.


Ana Quiles-Jiménez, Events officerPhD Candidate in Medicine at the Research Institute for Internal Medicine at OUS Rikshospitalet. Ana is a basic researcher studying the role of DNA and RNA damage in atherosclerosis. Before moving to Norway, she lived in Belgium where she worked in gene therapy for cystic fibrosis in a mouse model, and also with human iPSC to understand tau mutations linked to neurodegeneration. She's fond of outdoor activities and scientific awareness with a focus on nutrition.


Ines Junge, PR officer (on leave). PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Informatics, in the Research Section “Digitization & Entrepreneurship” (DIGENT), “Digital Sustainability” Cluster; affiliated with the group “Design of Information Systems” through teaching in BA/MA “Informatics – Design, Interaction, Use”. As a design researcher, she is particularly interested in the sustainable design of digital technologies, the circular economy and transition theory/design. She has previously studied Industrial Design Engineering in Germany & Sweden (ERASMUS exchange) to a Masters-equivalent Dipl.-Ing. degree, and has collected working experience both within- and outside academia in Germany and Norway. She has former experience with PR (editing/graphics design/layout) for the student union at her alma mater. She is interested in entrepreneurship, education, DIY, needlework, gardening, travelling around Norway with her family etc. – everything creative - in addition to her professional field.

Clara Froment, Events Officer (resigned). Temporary researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Clara is a solar physicist mainly investigating the processes that heat the outer layer of the Solar atmosphere, the corona. She is mainly an observer, using a combination of satellites and ground observations that span the different layer of the solar atmosphere. Clara likes to participate to outreach activities and enjoys a lot discovering new countries.

Franziska Ihlefeldt, Events Officer (resigned). PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry, at the Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN). In her research, she is particularly interested in finding suitable catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide into biodegradable plastics. She has previously studied chemistry in Germany and could gain intercultural and interdisciplinary experiences during her internships in Singapore and Canada. Franziska has a particular interest in arts and crafts, and likes to drink tea out of her self-made pottery mugs. Currently, she is also a board member of the Norwegian Chemical Society, Oslo division (Norsk kjemisk selskap, Oslo avdelingen).

Marion Duparc, Treasurer (resigned) PhD Candidate at the Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN), Institute of Chemistry. Marion is working for an industrial project where she studies and develops new heterogeneous catalysts to reduce ammonia emissions. Her project involves the synthesis and characterization of oxide-based catalysts and catalyst testing towards the low temperature oxidation of ammonia. She has previously studied materials engineering and solid state chemistry in France and has experience in both academia and industry. Marion has a particular interest in ethics and innovation in academia.

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