Tekna: Working and Living in Norway

What characterizes working life in Norway, and how do you get to understand Norwegians and the Norwegian culture? Are you a foreign worker or PhD-candidate seeking information about the Norwegian working life and wants an introduction to living in Norway? Then this is the place to be 15th October!

This seminar in Oslo is organized by Tekna.no and will give you practical and important information for foreign workers in Norway.

Part 1: Working in Norway Alexander Iversen, Tekna

In this section, we will go through the basic principles of the Norwegian working life, including the "Norwegian Model", the wage system in Norway, and Tekna's position as both a trade union and a society which offers you a broad professional network.

Part 2: Living in Norway Julien S. Bourrelle, Mondå

This part of Teknas course gives you as a foreigner in Norway certain guidelines on how to connect and get to know Norwegians.  The lecture aims to improve communication at work and provide practical tools to understand how to connect with people having a culture different than yours. And all with a little sense of humor!

The course is free of charge, but you have to sign up by filling in the electronic registration form. Both members and non-members are welcome!


Kulturhuset i Oslo, Youngs gate 6, Oslo

Read more and register here.

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