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The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations, Akademikerne, was founded in 1997 and is a central employee organization in Norway.

We are a confederation of professional organizations with members who are highly trained and highly qualified. They include, but are not limited to, lawyers, engineers, psychologists, researchers, doctors, veterinary surgeons, clergy, social scientists, architects, business school graduates, economists, dentists, agronomists and officers in the armed forces.


  • Salary negotiations at UiO 2020 Oct. 30, 2020 6:05 PM

    The national annual wage settlement 2020 states that local collective salary negotiations will be held in accordance with the basic collective agreement between the state and Akademikerne.

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Questions or concerns from members at UiO regarding salary, employment or issues at the work place, may be addressed to the trade union representative for your member organization or to Akademikerne's primary trade union official the university. Contact information in the menu on the left.