PhD and Postdoc Breakfast Club (zoom edition): How to Pitch Yourself to Employers

Pitching - a short persuasive presentation - is an essential skill for both arguing for your research and landing your next job. In this breakfast talk by Alan Louis Belardinelli, we will gain new insights into how to pitch yourself for employers.

Pitching is the art of presenting your ideas concisely and yet convincingly, so that you can persuade your intended audience. 

This presentation will concentrate on recognizing your strengths and learning how to deliver them when meeting prospective employers. 


Alan Louis Belardinelli is a higher executive officer at the central UiO Department of Student and Academic Affairs. He has been an American expatriate living in Norway since 2002. Alan's professional presentation experience stems from his time working as a corporate spokesperson for Nintendo of America during the 90's while his organizational experience comes from his work as a software project manager, construction manager and board member for Nowhere (the European Burning Man Regional event). Besides his work for UiO, Alan is also a project manager for a Norwegian tech company. .

Postdocs are very welcome to attend :)


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Published Oct. 21, 2020 4:47 PM - Last modified Oct. 21, 2020 5:25 PM