PhD and PostDoc Breakfast Club: Self-insight in collaboration - Discover yourself in action!

Glad to announce we are starting up again via virtual zoom for breakfast club! Thinking about applications and jobs over the summer? Get started here! 

This edition of the PhD and Postdoc Breakfast Club can help you in job applications, projects and collaborations within and beyond academia.

Many future jobs will require you to collaborate well in teams, adapt to changing roles and situations, and to keep evolving as you go. All these abilities require good self-awareness and listening- and learning skills.

In this online session you will be invited to dip your toe into the ultimate basic research project: Yourself in action. How can you explore and expand your awareness of your current skills, super powers and kryptonite when relating to others? Which situations bring out the best and worst in you? What skills might you need to practice more or add to your repertoire? How can you give some sort of meaningful answer to the age-old interview question: "What are your negative qualities?" If you participated in the previous Breakfast Club meetings on this topic you will recognize many elements in this session, now in an adapted-to-zoom version. But you will also have acquired some new skills and self-insights since then that could be useful to reflect on, so both first-timers and seasoned collaborators and self-explorers are welcome to attend!


About the speaker:

Koyote Millar works part time as a Senior Adviser for the University of Oslo's Department of Administrative Support, with project management, process facilitation, coaching and support for navigating transformative change. Outside of UiO, Koyote is self-employed as a Gestalt Therapist, poet, singer-songwriter and performer. They have a background in social anthropology, philosophy and gender studies, a long, complicated love affair with yoga and meditation, and a love of learning. You need not fear enforced chanting, group hugs or embarrassing collective rituals during this Breakfast Club session.


Please register here to receive the zoom link:

Please login 5 minutes before the start of the talk at 8:55 so we can start smoothly. 


Published May 29, 2020 1:25 PM - Last modified May 29, 2020 1:29 PM