PhD Breakfast Club: How to plan a grant proposal

In this edition of the PhD (and Postdoc :)) Breakfast Club, we will discuss one of our most popular topics, how to write a grant proposals. Spread the word!

Free Breakfast will be served from 8.30, so sign up below. Start your day well!


Do you want to learn how and when to plan a grant application? Join us for our first PhD & Post-Doc Breakfast Club of 2020 and learn how to begin and to improve existing applications!

This is always one of our most popular topics of the year; please spread the word to other PhDs and PostDocs who might be considering grant applications. 

Jørgen Kirksæther works as a senior adviser in the Section for Research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. His fields of expertise is project administration and development, as well as application guidance.

Postdocs are very welcome to attend :)

Please register here as we are providing a free breakfast (from 8.30):


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Published Jan. 24, 2020 3:49 PM - Last modified Jan. 27, 2020 3:56 PM