UiODoc Pedagogical Seminar: Teach for better learning!

UiODoc is pleased to invite all PhD candidates, Postdocs, and other temporary researchers to a seminar on Pedagogical Skills.

UPDATE: we will be serving a free light lunch before the event. See below for details.

Many PhD students and postdocs at UiO teach. What are your tools, as a teacher, for doing that? How do you help students to understand abstract knowledge? Or learn to apply it? How do you approach students who are supposed to arrive at seminar prepared, but don't? Or seminars where only the same 3-4 students out of 25 ask questions? Knowing more about what makes learning happen and how to engage students in meaningful activities can make teaching more efficient and enjoyable, and help you become more confident in your teaching practice. This seminar offers an initial glimpse into some matters of university pedagogy, by combining practical exercises and a small amount of theoretical knowledge.

The seminar will be given by Professor Eevi Beck, from the Academic Development Group of the University of Oslo (Fagområdet for Universitetspedagogikk - FUP). Professor Beck is an experienced educator and researcher with an interdisciplinary background (Computer Science, Sociology of Science and Technology and Education) and has gathered international experience in the UK, Sweden, and Norway. Besides advisory work, Prof. Beck delivers courses that focus on techniques using writing across the subjects, visualisations, and case-based teaching.

FUP consists of a group of academics at UiO that provides pedagogical training and assists individuals, groups and units to develop their teaching approach and techniques. The courses are free for the UiO academic staff. Attending these courses is a way to obtain the pedagogical qualification for higher education. More information is available at http://www.uv.uio.no/iped/om/fup/; for English speaking teaching staff at http://www.uv.uio.no/iped/english/fup/

Before the pedagogical seminar there will be a short introduction to the UiO Academic Dugnad. Please note that no food is allowed inside the auditorium; please eat your lunch outside.


  • 12:00 Light lunch consisting of wraps will be served. Available options are chicken, vegetarian, and tandoori salmon.
  • 12:30 Introduction to UiO Academic Dugnad
  • 12:40 Pedagogical Seminar, Part 1
  • 13:45 Coffee and tea break. With fruit and cake!
  • 14:00 Pedagogical Seminar, Part 2
  • 15:00 End

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