PhD and Postdoc Breakfast Club: Planning, Practice, and Presentation

A leading scientist or future employer in your field asks you about your project: do you panic and mumble incomprehensibly? Or, do you step up and pitch yourself?

In the May edition of the PhD and Post-doc breakfast club (held in June because of the long -weekend), UiODoc invites Alan Louis Belardinelli to talk about how we can recognize our individual strengths and learn to showcase these when meeting prospective employers.

Crossing the Gap: Planning, Practice, and Presentation for Job Seeking

Alan Louis Belardinelli is an American expatriate living in Norway since 2002. His professional presentation experience stems from his time working as a corporate spokesperson for Nintendo of America during the 90’s, while his organizational experience comes from roles as a software project manager; a construction manager; board member for Nowhere (the European Burning Man Regional event); and, of course, his day job at the UiO Department of Education Services.

Alan believes that proper preparation is a trait that most successful applicants he has interviewed all share. Based on his experience presenting corporate messaging in settings ranging from MTV to national news programs, his presentation will focus on developing and practicing your own personal presentation to succeed when approaching potential employers.

As usual, breakfast and attendance is free to all PhDs and Post-docs, but registration is essential for catering purposes - so sign up via the link:

Look forward to seeing you on the 2nd June!

Published May 23, 2022 2:14 PM - Last modified May 23, 2022 2:14 PM