Meet & Greet the unions

Are you unionized? Is it maybe something you considered for a long time but just were unsure which union to choose? Or are you totally new to this topic?

No matter what fits your situation, join our meet & greet event to get to know three UiO unions Akademikerne, Forskerforbundet and NTL and their differences. 

What are unions and why should I join one?

In Norway it is very common to be part of a labor union. Unions play the key role in labor negotiations. Especially temporary scientific staff like PhD candidates and postdocs benefit from the representation of a union since they provide a safety net and can help you with questions or if you get in trouble. Your union representative can answer questions regarding working conditions, salaries, contracts and many other topics. 

Union representatives know the university, the laws and regulations, and where to turn to when you have questions about employment and working conditions. In case of conflict with your supervisors, coworkers or department, unions can give advise and support you. For example, you can request for a union representative to join you in meetings or the conciliation process to solve such conflicts. Last but not least, unions can provide legal support for their members if needed.

The meet & greet event

This event will mainly focus on giving you insight on what these unions do, how you can benefit from joining one and how they are different, so you can make up your mind which one you could possibly join. The general agenda is as follows:

  1. Introduction by UiODoc

  2. Introduction by each union

  3. Q&A (interactive)

If you have specific questions, please let us know in the nettskjema so we can focus on what you need to know. But there will also be time during the event to ask question, no worries! :)


  • Akademikerne: Helene Liepelt Nystedt (PhD) and Mattias Solbakken (Union representative)
  • NTL: Solveig Blomstrøm Nordbø (Union representative), Maren Holthe Hedne (PhD)
  • Forskerforbundet: Cecilie Wingerei Lilleheil (Union representative), Hilde Reinertsen (Researcher at UiO)


Please register here to receive the zoom link (will be sent out via email one day before the event):

Please log in or arrive 5 minutes early (12:55) so we can ensure a smooth start.


Published May 27, 2021 10:53 AM - Last modified Sep. 20, 2021 7:19 PM