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The Student Orchestra Biørneblæs

Biørneblæs after the Kindergarden Parade May 13th 2016

Studentorchesteret Biørneblæs is currently the only active student orchestra at UiO located at Campus Blindern. Even though we’re a student-orchestra we also recruit non-students. So if you enjoy both playing music and having fun, Biørneblæs is definitely the place for you. Check us out!

Practical-ish info

Biørneblæs was founded at UiO in 1979 and has ever since provided music and joy to its members, students and employees at UiO, and of course the rest of humanity.
We play together Thursdays at 7pm in our very own Orchestra-pit located in the basement of the Physics building.

The instrumentation of the orchestra is based around that of a typical concert/marching band, but we welcome anyone playing an instrument, and currently we have, for instance, a small string-section. Our overall repertoire covers almost any genre and style, and the tunes we play are oftentimes even written or arranged by our own members.

Besides our weekly rehearsals we have lots of other activities as well, and we:

  • Go to the national student orchestra festival (SMASH) each semester
  • Play at openings and celebrations around UiO
  • Have a regular quiz-team that goes to the Friday-pub at RF-kjelleren
  • Play in the celebrations of our National Day (May 17th) in and around UiO
  • Go to social and fun cabin trips, and a yearly summer trip/tour abroad
  • Provide music and entertainment to the big happenings of the Realist Society
  • Play paid gigs and arrangements for those who hire us., such as Oktoberfest and Christmas parties etc.

If you think that sounds interesting,read more about joining us here,


Want to know about more stuff?  Read more on our information page or Send us an e-mail! or call us at 22857912 (Thursdays, 6pm-11pm)

Events & Gigs (Calender)


Finding our rehearsal room

Finding our orchestra pit can be a bit tricky, so we have made a short video that shows you the way :=)