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The Studentorchestra Biørneblæs takes all sorts of gigs in the Oslo region at a nice price.

We play music fitting for many occations, and have the later years played on (with matching repertoir): Octoberfests, weddings, christmas-partys, opening seremonies, anniversaries and of course straight-forward partys.


Contact us to get just the gig you want!


For short gigs in Oslo, we have these standard prices

For kortere oppdrag i Oslo har vi følgende standardrater

kr. 1500 Gigs for the University at Blindern Campus
kr. 2500 Gigs for non-university at Blindern Campus
kr. 3000 Gigs for the University outside of Blidnern
kr. 4000 Other gigs outside of blindern
Expences for travel, if any will be added. Gigs with long tracel or duration will be priced higher.
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Published Aug. 25, 2015 10:52 AM - Last modified Aug. 25, 2015 10:54 AM