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About Biørneblæs

Studentorchesteret Biørneblæs was founded in 1971, and have since entertained many a student at UiO



A Breif History Of Biørneblæs

Studentorchesteret Biørneblæs(BB for short) was founded in 1971, and was in many ways the in-house orchestra at the Faculty of Maths and Science (MatNat). As we're today the only active studentorchestra at UiO based at Campus Blindern we look at ourselves as the in-house orchestra for every faculty based at Blindern.

But, we still maintain a strong relationship with our (sort-of) older sibling in the Realist Society (Realistforeningen), and are an integral part to many of their events.




Our statutes in PDF-format can be found here (Norwegian).

Our Board

Centralchomiteen (our board) Spring 2020


Simonn Strand Doupovec

Sverre Wehn Noremsaune

Musical leader
Mathias Lohne

Dietary expert
Ingebrigt Hårstad

Board member
Kamilla Wesenberg
Sindre Bjørndal-Riis
Kristian Korslien Berg
Tor Viljen Raanaas