Realistforeningen is a student organization/association for all the students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The association's purpose is to create a good and active student environment. We run a pub in the basement of the Mathematics building (Vilhelm Bjerknes hus) which is open every Friday. In our Basement we also run a café Mondays till Fridays, arrange lectures and debates on popular science topics, and other activities.

Assosiation for everyone In 2017 we joined the SiO Associations "Forening for alle" (Association for everyone) project. We wish to include all students who perhaps haven't found their place yet, independent of what they're studying. You can read more about the project here.  

Have you forgotten anything in the RF-basement? Send an e-mail to gjenglemt[at]rf.uio.no. Or you can try to reach us by phone, nr: 22 85 47 10.