Salary and salary negotiations at UiO

Your salary at UiO is determined by the criteria set in the institutional salary policy, and in accordance with the main rules in the basic collective agreement.

Salary adjustments are made in accordance with chapter 2.5. in the basic collective agreement. 

Determination of salary upon employment

Your salary as an employee at the University of Oslo is determined in accordance with the principles in the institutional salary policy, and should reflect your experience and competence upon employment. 

Members of trade unions within the Akademikerne umbrella have their salary stated in NOK. 

Upon entering employment at UiO, you yourself are in a position to negotiate your salary level directly with your employer. You may of course refer to your trade union for advice. 

Mechanism for salary adjustments

Automatic adjustments

Employees in position code 1017 PhD research fellow and position code 1476 resident receive an automatic annual increase in salary by 3 % for up to four years. 

Other employees with an automatic adjustment of salary are either on a 'short salary adjustment ladder' (10 years) or a 'long salary adjustment ladder' (16 years). Employees on the 'short salary adjustment ladder' are guaranteed a 1,1 % automatic annual increase in salary for 10 years. While employees on the 'long salary adjustment ladder' are guaranteed a 1,1 % automatic annual increase in salary for 10 years and then 0,55 % automatic annual increase in salary for 6 years. 

Service seniority is not a part of the salary adjustment ladder - only seniority in the position. The annual increase in salary is a guarantee, and is in addition to what is negotiated in the annual local negotiations and salary negotiations on special grounds. The annual increase percentage is calculated based on the employees current salary at the point of the annual increase. If you accept a new position on a ladder, the seniority will reset to 0 in the ladder.

Which position codes who are on a ladder and which ladder they are subject to is written in attachment 1 of the basic collective agreement (only available in Norwegian). 

Placement on the annual increase ladder is not subject to negotiation.

Salary negotiations at the University of Oslo

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