2.5.3 Salary negotiations on special grounds

In addition to the annual local salary negotiations following the central wage settlement, there are salary negotiations on special grounds, which take place five to six times a year.

Similar to the 2.5.1-negotiations which occur annually, salary adjustment claims on special grounds for employees may be submitted from both the employees through their union and from the employer through the employer line. The main difference is that claims for salary adjustments on special grounds must be in accordance with one of the clauses of section 2.5.3 in the basic collective agreement.

The most relevant clauses for an employee claim are:

  • Significant changes to the employee’s tasks
    • Must be from the last salary adjustment
    • Must be documented or measurable
    • the tasks must demand a higher quality and be on a higher level
  • An extraordinary work effort
    • Must be from the last salary adjustment
    • Means efforts that are far beyond that which are expected from someone in the job
    • The tasks done must be part of those allocated to the employee, and not tasks the employee has undertaken on their own initiative
    • For employees aged between 62 and 70 years who wish to retire on a full pension, claims for a salary adjustment can be put forward on the grounds that the employee has undertaken an ‘extraordinary effort’ 
  • Employee's in jobs where there are particular difficulties to recruit or retain specially qualified personnel
    • Employees who have a job offer from another employer or whom there are a high demand for in the job market.
    • For employees who consider taking early retirement, financial rewards may be an important incentive to continue working, at least in a part-time position.
  • Documented inequality in salary where the inequality cannot be explained on other grounds than gender

Salary negotiations on special grounds are conducted between the employer and the unions.

Submitting a 2.5.3-claim

As a member of one of the primary unions under the Akademikerne umbrella, you may submit a well-founded 2.5.3-claim if you believe that you can document one of the clauses in the basic collective agreement mentioned above. You may ask for a salary- and/or position code adjustment.

Questions regarding your claim should be directed to your trade union official. You can find their information by clicking on the contact field on the left hand menu.

Claim form for salary adjustment on special grounds


Dates for the 2.5.3-negotiations at UiO 2022

Deadline for submitting claims Date of negotiation
10.1.2022 3.2.2022
28.2.2022 24.3.2022
19.5.2022 16.6.2022
4.8.2022 1.9.2022
8.11.2022 1.12.2022


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