2.5.1 - Annual local negotiations after the central wage settlement

Akademikerne  (The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations) work to achieve local wage formation. We believe that wages must be used as an active personnel policy tool, as motivation and reward for employees, and that this is better maintained by local parties with local knowledge of the employees and organisation.

In Akademikerne's basic collective agreement (only available in Norwegian), it has been agreed that the entire framework for the state wage settlement shall be negotiated locally. For you as an employee at the University of Oslo, this entails that both the general salary adjustments and the individual salary adjustments are subject to negotiation at UiO. Thus, the responsibility for safeguarding everyone on Akademikerne's basic collective agreement has been moved to UiO. 

Akademikerne can use all instruments, as defined in the basic collective agreement section 2.5.4, in negotiations (e.g. general- and individual salary adjustments, group salary adjustment, individual position code adjustment).

Employees can submit claims through their union by using the claim form. The employer may also make demands for salary adjustment for the employee through the employer line. Akademikerne encourages our members to participate in a pay appraisal interview before submitting a salary adjustment claim. This will help clarify expectations and help planning a potential salary adjustment, both for the employee and the employer. You can read more about the pay appraisal interview here. 

Local salary negotiations are held between the employer and the unions. Akademikerne's basic collective agreement negotiates between UiO as an employer, Akademikerne (on behalf of the unions under the Akademikerne umbrella) and UNIO.

Submitting salary claims

As a member of our primary unions you can submit a substantiated salary claim, if you believe that your work merits salary- or position code adjustment. You can find information about the position structure for technical-administrative positions here (only available in Norwegian). The salary policy for the University of Oslo can be found here

Contact your trade union official for assistance if you have questions. 

Claim form for the annual local negotiations

Deadline for submitting claims is Friday August 19th, 23:59.

Published June 29, 2022 12:18 PM - Last modified June 29, 2022 12:18 PM