jURLebord 2004

Det var en gang ... (Once upon a time ...)

Invitasjon til eventyr-jURLebord med innslag av eventyrlig undertøy!


Saturday 11. December, Time: 18.00


Blindern. Gæa-kjelleren på Geo. (Basement)

Dressed up in what?

Fairy tale costume, of course!

How do I sign on?

Send e-mail to
url-styret (at) studorg.uio.no

Tell us your name, what you will be and what kind of food you bring. Please write a little adventure about the caracter you have dressed up like or a story of what happened to you.

What must I bring?

Something to drink!
Food, What ever you like, (Preferably something everyone can taste) What you need for serving. Plate, knife, fork, spoon and something to drink from.

Magedansopptreden ved Amalthea
Is it for free?

Sadly not, but we won't rob you!

40 kr for URL-members
(80 kr. covers next years membership)
100 kr for non-members.
(Covers next years membership)

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