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The PhD Council acts as a mouthpiece for the PhD students at the Faculty of Law and represents the PhD students' interests in the faculty's bodies. The council shall also inform the research fellows of important matters that concern them.

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The PhD Council shall fulfill a shop steward function for the PhD students across subject areas and departments, and at the same time contribute to improving communication between the PhD candidates and the faculty bodies. The members of the PhD Council participate in the Faculty Board, the Program Council for Researcher Education and the Gender Equality Committee.

Contact us if you have suggestions, comments, concerns or anything else you would like us to address in these bodies. We welcome your views on how scholarship life can be improved.

The PhD Council at the Faculty of Law was formed at a general meeting in the autumn of 2009.

Stipendiatrådet 2021  (general inquiries: )

Martine SB Lie  (IKRS ): Leader, representative on the Faculty Board

Emma Brandon (IOR): Secretary,  Finance

Hanna Furuseth (IfP ): Representative in PFF

Rose Boyle  (IKRS ): Representative in LiMU 

Trygve Losnedahl (NIfS ): Representative in IVA

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