The PhD Council's annual report 2018

The PhD Council's annual report for 2018. The report gives an account of the Council's activities and work in the current year.

The PhD Council's position paper on the Employment plan for 2019

The PhD Council's position paper on the employment plan for 2019. The PhD Council's remarks are prepared by a working group consisting of both the members of the PhD Council and other fellow PhD Candidates at the Faculty of Law, and the document has been sent to all PhD Candidates and Postdoctoral researchers at the Faculty of Law for input.

  • mail-nyhetsbrev-ikon General Meeting 15 June 2016 June 8, 2016

    The PhD Council invites you for the General Meeting on June 15th at 16:15 at Kjerka, Domus Media.

  • mail-nyhetsbrev-ikon Newsletter 1/2016 Jan. 18, 2016

    The PhD Council of 2016 would like to thank our predecessors for their efforts and accomplishments. We hope to continue this work and invite PhD fellows to actively engage with us for the purpose of improving our working environment and well-being.

  • mail-nyhetsbrev-ikon Newsletter September 2015 Sep. 10, 2015

    The PhD Council would with this newsletter like to inform about a couple of developments at the Faculty that could affect the PhD students in different ways. We would also like to ask for input if you have any in respect to the different topics.

  • professorboligen PhD/post doc - Research Assistant Bridging Event Sep. 10, 2015

    The PhD Council invites PhD fellows, post docs and research assistants to share their research experiences, get to know one another and share some food and drinks – at Professorboligen Friday 25 th of September

  • tapasenbarcelona Workshop and social event June 3rd May 20, 2015

    Join us for a workshop! Or just come later, for the food and drinks!

  • professorboligen Save the date: June 3 (sorry for short notice) May 13, 2015

    Wednesday June 3 the PhD Council is organizing a combined general meeting, workshop and social get together for the PhD fellows and post-docs at the Faculty of Law. The workshop will take place from around 15.30, and dinner will be served from around 17. Professorboligen, Karl Johans Gate 47, has been booked for this event but exact time for accessing Stallen has not yet been confirmed.

    Further details about the event will be distributed next week.

  • mail-nyhetsbrev-ikon Newsletter February 2015 Feb. 12, 2015

    The PhD Council of 2015 would like to thank our predecessors for their efforts and accomplishments in 2014. Without their collective work, supported by their predecessors and the input and participation of the Faculty of Law’s PhD fellows, it would have been very hard for us to take on these new roles. We are privileged to maintain what has already been built up and honored with the task of promoting continued improvements for the PhD fellows at the Faculty.

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PhD Candidate Handbook

Usefull information about working conditions and salary levels for PhD candidates employed in Norway.

Du you wish to learn more about teaching?

The University offers courses for PhD fellows that lead to "Pedagogisk basiskompentanse" (basic pedagogical competence). One half of the course programme consists of a joint module for all PhD fellows. The other half consists of several smaller modules, which you can choose from a large pool of available modules.

Read more about the course at its webpage, which includes a very helpful course calendar.

PS: The course (and its websites) is sadly only offered in Norwegian. It should be possible to take these courses without being able to speak Norwegian fluently, as it is accepted that you speak in English during discussions and group work. However, a good passive understanding of Norwegian is requiered.

Facebook group for PhD fellows