The Norwegian Civil Service Union (NTL) at the University of Oslo

NTL UiO is a trade union open to all employees at the University of Oslo. We have members among academic staff, administrative employees, technicians, students, short-term and part-time employees. Our broad composition of members ensures strength and bargaining power, as well as a fair and socially responsible wage policy.

Our politics

NTL UiO works to ensure and improve our members' rights, wages and working conditions.

A wage policy based on solidarity

All employes at the University of Oslo should have a steady development in their wages. Raises should be distributed evenly; not in a way that increases differences between colleagues, or the overall wage gap between top and bottom income groups. Centralized wage settlements are necessary to even out such differences and to ensure everyone equal access to wage development.

Securing collective rights in the workplace

Our rights and working conditions as employees are best secured through collective bargaining, not through individual agreements between the employee and their employer.

Equal pay for equal work

The University of Oslo is a single employer, therefore the personnel and pay policies shall be implemented equally throughout the institution. Your salary and working conditions should not depend on which faculty or department you are employed in but rather on the tasks and responsibilities of your role.


We actively oppose all pay differences due to gender, ethnicity, traditions or elements of chance.

Permanent tasks = permanent positions

Too many UiO employees in technical, administrative or academic positions are employed on temporary or short-term contracts. NTL UiO is actively campaigning for permanent contracts of employment for these staff members.

Time for research

Academic staff need allocated time and resources in order to conduct research. Funding, time and stable working conditions are necessary requirements for the University to be able to fulfil its social responsibility as a research and teaching institution.

Increased basic allocations

The largest possible proportion of funding should be given as basic allocations to the institutions. This will ensure that academic staff can concentrate their efforts on research and not on applying and competing for funding.

Academic independence

Performance management, management by objectives and results whilst competing for funding does not encourage academic excellence. NTL UiO opposes the idea of a market-oriented university.

Elected leadership 

We believe that elected leaders are a necessity to ensure a democratic institution where decisions and commitments are rooted in the academic environment.


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