Statutes of the Norwegian Association of Researchers at the University of Oslo

1 Affiliation and status

The Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR) at the University of Oslo (UiO) is NAR’s local branch at UiO. The UiO branch’s
statutes are supplementary to NAR’s statutes.
2 Objectives

The local branch attends to the economic and professional interests of its members as well as working conditions at UiO and
assists members in keeping with legal and contractual agreements. The local chapter at UiO acts on behalf of NAR with regards to, and in accordance with, applicable legislation and contractual agreements with the University of Oslo.

3 Members

All members of the Norwegian Association of Researchers who are employed by UiO are members of the UiO branch. The conditions of membership are stipulated by the statutes of NAR. Disputes or uncertainties are to be decided by the Executive Board of NAR.

4 Bodies

The bodies of the Norwegian Association of Researchers at UiO are:
Annual meeting
Local Branch Board
Working Committee

5 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is the Norwegian Association of Researchers at UiO’s highest body. The annual meeting is held every year, preferably in the beginning of March.
A summons to the meeting must be posted at least two weeks prior to its date. A written summons to the meeting must include the agenda and copies of relevant documents.

The annual meeting elects local branch boards and the election committee. The chairperson (leader) and chief union representative are each elected by separate ballot. The annual meeting discusses and passes the annual report, the accounts, the working plan and the budget. The annual meeting debates and votes on issues submitted by the local branch board or by individual members. The annual meeting decides on election procedures.

An extraordinary annual meeting is to be held when a simple majority of the branch executive committee deems it necessary, or when at least 1/3 of the branch members call for it. Extraordinary annual meetings must be announced at least two weeks before they are held.

8 Executive Board

The local branch executive board consists of seven persons, including the chairperson (leader) and the chief union representative. In addition to the regular board members, three deputy or substitute representatives are to be elected to the committee.
The executive board members, including the leader and the chief union representative, are normally voted in for two-year terms. The deputy members are elected for one-year terms. Compulsory attendance at the board meetings applies to the first substitute. The NAR local branch executive board should consist of members of both sexes and persons representing a variety of job categories (scientific/academic, administrative and professional) as well as an array of disciplines and academic paths.
If a member of the local branch has a position in the national executive board of the Norwegian Association of Researchers, but is not serving as a regular board member, this person has the right to participate in branch executive board meetings and make proposals in this body.

9 Leader
The chairperson or leader is the Norwegian Association of Researchers’ (NAR’s) highest representative at the University of Oslo. The chief trade union representative represents NAR in accordance with applicable legislation. The annual meeting can give instructions to the leader and the chief trade union representative. As regards other positions within the branch executive board, the board makes its own selections. The local branch board has a quorum when at least half of the board members are present. In a tied vote, the leader’s vote counts as two. During semesters the board normally meets monthly.

10 Local Branch Board

The local branch board and the secretariat are responsible for the daily operations of the local branch. The branch board must, among other things:
Convene local meetings and the annual meeting, submit a proposed annual report, accounts, work programme and budget,
recruit new members and appoint representatives to positions, committees and councils at UiO. The branch board elects delegates to the NAR’s assembly of delegates. Board meetings must keep minutes.
The local branch board is responsible for keeping members informed and ensuring that union representatives are elected on the faculty and department levels of the university.

11 Working Committee

The branch board has a working committee. The working committee consists of a leader, a deputy leader and the chief union representative. Case worker(s) in the secretariat participate in working committee meetings. The working committee normally meets every fortnight. The mandate of the working committee is determined by delegation from the local branch board.

12 Secretariat

The secretariat is subordinate to the local branch board. The secretariat should normally participate at all the board meetings with the right to speak and make proposals. The secretariat attends to the local branch’s case work, secretarial and treasury functions and needs. The staff members of the secretariat are hired by NAR upon recommendation by the branch board.

13 Expulsion

Only the Executive Board of the Norwegian Association of Researchers can expel members.

14 Changes in statutes

The annual meeting can revise the statutes following a proposal from the board or from individual members. Proposed revisions must be announced to members within two weeks of the annual meeting. Revisions must be passed by a 2/3 majority of the votes cast at the annual meeting.

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