Salary, laws and regulations

Guide for raising wages (in Norwegian) provides an overview of the opportunities you have for adjusting your salary upon being hired and in the course of your time of employment.

If you need advice regarding salary, please contact us. We have information about average salary at the University of Oslo, how to negotiate before signing your contract, and how to proceed later on to get a pay rise. We can also inform you about the different collective agreements, e.g. the Basic Agreement and the Basic Collective Agreement (BCA) for the Civil Service.


Local Salary negotiations (2.5.3)

- Submit a claim

These negotiations are authorised in the BCA, clause 2.5.3. Negotiations usually takes place five times a year. The employer or the Union can demand to negotiate a new salary and/or change of position code, with important changes in the position’s responsibility and tasks.

To be able to submit a claim you have to meet one of the following requirements:

  • Significant changes to the employee’s tasks (the claim must be documented so that it is possible to measure the changes. What is crucial is that the employee is given tasks which demand something of a higher quality than before, and that the new tasks are on a higher level.) – BCA, clause 2.5.3,1a
  • Made an extraordinary work effort (beyond what is expected) – BCA, clause 2.5.3, 2
  • Problems in recruiting or retaining specially qualified labour.
    If the claim is based on recruitment considerations, it must be documented that there is a real risk of losing especially valuable expertise.

NAR put forward claims for their members:

Claims based on extraordinary effort or recruitment considerations are negotiated with the organisations, but in case of disagreement the employer’s last offer counts. If there are other reasons for you deserving a higher salary, the demand has to be negotiated in the annual, local salary negotiations (clause 2.5.1).

Agreements and regulations



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