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Local Salary negotiations HTA, 2.5.3 in March

These negotiations are authorised in the BCA, clause 2.5.3. Negotiations usually takes place five times a year. The employer or the Union can demand to negotiate a new salary and/or change of position code, with important changes in the position’s responsibility and tasks.

  • The deadline for submitting claims is Thursday 3 March
  • Negotiations will take place on Thursday 25 March

To be able to submit a salary claim you have to meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Significant changes to the employee’s tasks (the claim must be documented so that it is possible to measure the changes. What is crucial is that the employee is given tasks which demand something of a higher quality than before, and that the new tasks are on a higher level.) – BCA, clause 2.5.3,1a
  2. Made an extraordinary work effort (beyond what is expected) – BCA, clause 2.5.3,
  3. Problems in recruiting or retaining specially qualified labour. If the claim is based on recruitment considerations, it must be documented that there is a real risk of losing especially valuable expertise . Documentation can be  a job offer.

NAR put forward claims for our members.

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We also encourage Unio-members in other associations than the NAR to use our online form. If you have any questions please contact us at:

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The agenda will be updated after the Board Meeting 14 February.

Current issues 

Reduction of temporary employment

Both NAR and the government are working to reduce the temporary employment in the University Sector. At UiO NAR is working to ensure that all measures adopted in 2019 are introduced. According to the management, the implementation of the measures has been delayed due to the pandemic. NAR at UiO is very critical of the fact that temporary employees (including those who have been converted to permanent positions) do not have the same rights as permanent employees.

Asbestos in Kristine Bonnevies House at MN 

NAR has repeatedly addressed the situation in meetings with the management at MN.

Our main concern has been the insufficient information about the ongoing asbestos sanitation to the affected employees

We have also called for extension of contracts for employees who has been unable to do their work due to closed premises and general unrest.

Re-opening the University/ Easing of Covid-19 measures

We have asked the management for better information aimed at employees who will provide physical education. The danger of infection is still high in Oslo and with the current testing regime, it is difficult for many employees to meet the requirements of more physical presents at UiO. We have also called for a common UiO understanding of the one-meter distancing recommendation in teaching situations.

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