About the PhD Council

The PhD Council acts as a representive body and mouthpiece for the PhD fellows at the Law Faculty and represent their interests in the Faculty's boards and bodies. The Council shall also inform the PhD fellows about important issues that affect them.

Photo: Florin Garoi (sxc.hu)

The PhD Council shall fill a representative function for the PhD fellows at the Faculty, across disciplines and institutions, while helping to improve communication between fellows and faculty bodies. The PhD Council members are represented in the Faculty Board, the Program Council for Research Education, and the Gender Equality Committee.

Contact us if you have suggestions, comments, concerns, or else you'd us to bring up before these organs. We gladly welcome your views on how your life as a PhD fellow can be improved.

The PhD Council of the Law Faculty was formed at a general meeting in autumn 2009.


The PhD Council 2016 (general enquiries: stip-rad@jus.uio.no)


Daniel Arnesson (NIFS): leader

Henriette N. Tøssebro (IOR): member of the Faculty Board

Olaf Halvorsen Rønning (IKRS): representative in the Program Council for Researched Education

Johannes Hygen Meyer (IFP): webmaster and representative in the Equality and Diversity Committee and in the Appointment Council for Academic Positions

Natalia Torres Zuniga (SMR): finances

Ludovica Chiussi (SMR): social activities

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