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We continue to work for all our members to secure their employee rights. 

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New board of Forskerforbundet/NAR at UiO

We hereby wish to present our new board. We are pleased that board chair Katerini Storeng was re-elected for one year at our annual meeting! Furthermore, Ingrid Lossius Falkum was elected deputy chair at the constituent board meeting on April 6.

Compensation during the pandemic 

Salary compensation for the use of e-com services while working from home

After negotiations with the parties/ trade unions, UiO will provide additional salary compensation that can cover internet expenses connected to working from home during the pandemic. The management of UiO will issue information about this as soon as the solution for payment is ready.

Compensation for significant additional work during the pandemic

NAR has worked hard to create schemes that can provide recognition to employees who have had significant extra work during the pandemic. We will now have the opportunity to emphasize the significant extra efforts our members have contributed during the pandemic by using the local negotiations on special grounds (Basic Collective Agreement, 2.5.3, 2 extraordinary efforts):

- Compensation can be given for teaching efforts far beyond what can be expected, for example extraordinary contribution to the development of digital teaching, extraordinary contribution to the development or implementation of studies.  

If you consider sending in a claim, please document that the effort far exceeds your ordinary duties. We recommend a salary conversation with your employer in advance.

Individual negotiations on special grounds (BCA, 2.5.3) in June:

- May 20 is the deadline for members to submit a claim. These negotiations are authorised in the BCA, clause 2.5.3. Negotiations usually takes place five times a year. The employer or the Union can demand to negotiate a new salary and/or change of position code, with important changes in the position’s responsibility and tasks.

To be able to submit a claim you have to meet one of the following requirements:

  • Significant changes to the employee’s tasks (the claim must be documented so that it is possible to measure the changes. What is crucial is that the employee is given tasks which demand something of a higher quality than before, and that the new tasks are on a higher level.) – BCA, clause 2.5.3,1a
  • Made an extraordinary work effort (beyond what is expected) – BCA, clause 2.5.3, 2
  • Problems in recruiting or retaining specially qualified labour.
    If the claim is based on recruitment considerations, it must be documented that there is a real risk of losing especially valuable expertise.
    The next round of negotiations according to BCA, 2.5.3 is in September.

    Members with a steady, good effort apply as usual in the ordinary local negotiations (HTA, 2.5.1).

NAR put forward claims for their members.

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