Other organizations

Here is a list of other organizations and institutions that might be able to help you with your legal inquiries. 

JURK - Legal counseling for women.

An organization run by law students that provides customized help to self-help free of charge to anyone who defines themselves as women.

They  provide legal aid by assisting clients in specific cases, through information about rights and political advocacy.

JURK specializes in the following areas of law: children, family, labor, discrimination, social security, housing, migration, debt, violence or imprisonment. 


Jussformidlingen i Bergen

An organization that provides free legal aid to individuals. It is run by advanced law students at The Faculty of Law, University of Bergen. Jussformidlingen offers aid within almost all legal matters related to civil law.

JURK specializes in the following areas of law: migration, labor, social security, housing and imprisonment.  


Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge

Jusshjelpa provides free legal aid to individuals. It is run by law students. 

Jusshjelpa specializes in the following areas of law: Imprisonment, debt, social security, labor, children, marriage, domestic partnership and migration. 



Free legal aid. Rettshjelpssentralen offers aid within almost all legal matters, except taxes and criminal law. It is run by both law students and lawyers. 



30 minutes of free legal guidance from an attorney. 



Free legal aid for indivuals who suffer or have suffered from substance abuse


Barnas jurist

Free legal aid for children and youths who are 25 years old or younger. 


Gatas økonom

Free financial advice for indivuals who suffer or have suffered from substance abuse


Advokatforeningens disiplinærutvalg

Processes complaints against lawyers. Complaining is free. 



Processes housing cases in Oslo, former Akershus, Trondheim and Bergen.


Norsk huseierforening

Offers free guidance in matters of law, building and finances for its members. There is a membership fee.  


Reform: Ressurssenteret for menn

Reform  is a politically independent non-profit organization working with gender equality from from a male perspective. Reform offers various services with a very low threshold for entering, such as individual conversations and online courses. 



Processes complaints regarding insurance, banking, finances, funds and debt collection. 


For fangers pårørende

Support and advice for friends and family of inmates in prison. 



Decides the outcome of disputes regarding consumer purchases. 



Offers free advisory on private financial matters. All advisors are students at NHH and have completed at least two years of education in economics and finance. Økonomiformidlingen offers advice regarding debt, insurance, saving, loan, pension, taxes and other areas. 



Mediates and decides disputes between private parties. 


SEIF (Self help for immigrants and refugees). 

SEIF offers practical help for immigrants who seek to write applications, write letters, contact a case worker, book hours or appeal a decision. 


NOAS - Norwegian Association for Asylum Seekers

The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) is an independent membership organisation working to advance asylum seekers’ rights in Norway. NOAS assists asylum seekers at different stages of the asylum process. They provide information and free legal aid. 


Kontoret for voldsoffererstatning

Processes applications for compensation for victims of violence. 


Oslo krisesenter

Helps victims of violence or abuse. 


Norsk pasientskadeerstatning

Processes compensation claims from patients who experience faulty treatment from the health services. 


The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Can answer general questions about work environments, rights and duties. 


Caritas Norge  (Immigration center for working immigrants)

Offers legal advice, health advice, job seeking courses, self help groups and Norwegian courses. 


Arbeidslivstelefonen til Mental Helse

Can help with problems in the workplace, such as issues with your boss, pregnancy, temporary employment, mental illness, sick leave and bullying. 


Stiftelsen Rettferd

Aims to help people who have suffered from one or more of the following: being wrongfully placed in a school home, foster home or orphanage, sexual abuse, lack of interference from the state, lackluster schooling and bullying


Hjelp med NAV

An independent service that offers free guidance for those who are in dialogue with NAV and feel that their case is stuck. 


Hjelp med Gjeld

A free service for those who experience debt problems. They can aid you in the process of getting your finances back under control. 


Domstolene i Norge

Here you can find information about the norwegian courts.