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Mailing lists

Biørneblæs have quite a few mailinglists on out domain These are some of the most important ones


Our main and most important list. typical traffic here is infomails about gigs and other relevant stuff. This is the most important list to be on (and only board-member may post here, so it's relatively few mails a week) 


Out somewhat more less sserious and open-for-all list. typical traffic here are people sharing stuff and arranging for doing stuff together. And of course other weird stuff.

pikebarna / nedre-blindern-gentlemansforbund

Mailing lists for the Girls- (pikebarne) and the boys-(nedre-blindern-gentlemansforbund) club.


List for contacting the Board.

Other Lists

In addition, there are a bunch of other lists. One is usually signed up to these when needed (for instance when arranging out summer-trip, those doin this have their own list).

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