PhD Breakfast Club

The PhD Breakfast Club is a line of breakfast seminars that offers PhD candidates a social platform in addition to academic and non-academic training.  

The PhD Breakfast Club was started up in 2018 by the MN Faculty, in collaboration with UiODoc, for MN PhD candidates. In 2019, UiODoc continues this line of monthly breakfast seminars making them available to all PhD candidates at UiO. 

The PhD Breakfast Club takes place at "Scene HumSam" (library entrance, Georg Sverdrups hus) every last Thursday of the month.

The breakfasts are for free and are served from 08:30. The seminars begin at 09:00 and take 45 minutes, so that you can be at work by 10:00. All presentations will be given in English. 


PhD Breakfast Club: Brace yourself -- you're applying for a grant
Do you know how to plan a grant application? Do you know when to start planning your grant application? Join us for a free breakfast and learn how to plan and improve your grant application. Read more and register here.
Date: Jan 31, 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Place: Georg Sverdrups hus: HumSam-biblioteket


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"Scene HumSam"