Eurodoc Conference 2021 ~ Improving Doctoral Training in Europe & subsequent AGM

From July 14 to July 15 the Eurodoc Conference 2021 will take place with the theme "Improving Doctoral Training in Europe".

The Conference will be followed by the AGM on July 16-17.

Conference content 

 1. Strengthening the Quality, Openness, and Internationalization of Doctoral Training in Europe

2. Advancing Supervision for Efficient Doctoral Training

3. Improving Career Development, Professional Guidance, and Support Services for Early-Career Researchers

4. Implementing Open Science for Early-Career Researchers

5. Promoting Research Integrity, Ethics and Good Research Practices

6. Mental Health and Importance of Work-Life Balance 

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The EuroDoc General Assembly will convene following the annual conference, on 16-17 July. Here, the new EuroDoc board will be elected. Only delegates of the national associations (including SiN) can vote, but all doctoral candidates and junior researchers affiliated in Norway that are interested can nominate themselves for a board position, secretariat position, or a member of one of the working groups. Below you will find information on the different positions that are up for election this year.

Interested members should contact SiN at with a short statement describing their experience, motivation and ambitions for EuroDoc. SiN will then forward the Norwegian nominations to EuroDoc, who will organise the election process. Note: you don't need to be physically present at the AGM to be elected, you just have to submit an application!

Information from EuroDoc on positions and applications:
We are looking for interested and enthusiastic candidates for the seven administrative board positions:
President = leads the organisation and represents Eurodoc legally and officially
Vice-President = supports and takes over from the president when necessary
Treasurer = responsible for the organisation's finances and financial transactions
Secretary = responsible for communication and archives and tracking activities
- 3 x General Board Member = choice of topics such as the Annual Questionnaire
We are also looking for interested and enthusiastic candidates for our secretariat for possible positions:
Secretariat-Coordinator = coordinates activities of secretariat members and liaises with the board
Financial Controller = critically checks the finances and financial transactions and financial reports
Policy Officer = writing and contributing to policy statements and reports, representative in Initiative for Science Europe (ISE)
Legal Officer(s) = responsible for reviewing contracts and agreement with Stakeholders and internal Governance; managing personal data and images 
Data Manager= responsible for internal data management and storage of data and documents
Skills Officer = responsible for developing skills policies and liaising with our skills stakeholders
EOSC Officer = responsible for developing EOSC and cloud policies and liaising with EOSC stakeholders
Council of Europe officer = responsible for supporting the Eurodoc delegation at the Council of Europe
BFUG Officer(s) = responsible for collaboraboration with Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG)
External Communication Coordinator = responsible for liaising with the board, coordinating the activities of the communication team, and issuing press releases
Social Media Officer = responsible for messaging and interacting via our social media channels
Newsletter Officer = responsible for collecting and publishing content in our monthly newsletter
Language Officer = native English speaker responsible for checking and correcting Eurodoc texts
Webmaster = responsible for maintaining and backing up the Eurodoc website 
Working Group Coordinator = coordinates activities in a specific working group, such as Open Science
We selected 12 working groups which will need coordinators (and members) for activities and policies of the next term:
Democracy-Sustainability = discussing and monitoring policies on academic freedom; discussing approaches of sustainability in research and academia
Doctoral Training = discussing and developing policies on doctoral training and skills development
Equality = discussing and developing policies on equality with a focus on gender, ethnic and cultural diversity, and special needs
Finance = a closed working group (i.e., Eurodoc members only) focusing on Eurodoc finances and funding
Governance = a working group (i.e., Eurodoc members only) on Eurodoc governance and regulations
Employment & Careers = discussing policies on employment status and conditions, and career development
Interdisciplinarity = discussing and developing policies on improving interdisciplinary collaboration
Mental Health = discussing and developing policies to raise awareness and improve mental health
Mobility = policies on mobility with a focus on intersectoral and geographic mobility and brain drain
Open Science = policies on Open Science with a focus on Open Access and -Data, and Citizen Science
Policy Research = discussing and developing general policies for early-career researchers and Eurodoc
Research Integrity and Assessment = discussing and developing policies on research assessment, research integrity and integrity projects
See our Eurodoc statute for more information on our organisation and legal regulations and positions:
Note that all positions are voluntary: work is not financially rewarded but some costs might be covered.


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