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Information meeting (in English) about the salary negotiations at UiO Autumn 2018

Information meeting for members of Akademikerne-UiO about the annual local salary negotiations on Wednesday August 8th 2018 at 12:30 to 14:30.

It is the time of year to submit your salary claim to the local salary negotiations (HTA 2.5.1) at UiO Autumn 2018.

The new basic collective agreement for the Norwegian public sector is in effect from May 1st 2018. For you as a member of one of the trade unions in The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations – Akademikerne, these are the headlines:

  • There are still two basic collective agreements in the public sector: one for Akademikerne, and one for YS/UNIO/LO
  • The result is that 2,8% of all members salary combined (lønnsmasse) is up for negotiation
  • Akademikerne will negotiate the full 2,8% locally at the University of Oslo.
  • We can negotiate a mix of a general pay increase for all members at the university, for groups of members, or for individuals
  • The negotiations are to be completed before October 31st 2018

Akademikerne strives for salary progression for all our members, and we encourage everyone to take a joint responsibility in their own salary progression by submitting good claims.

Salary claim forms can be submitted until the deadline on Sunday August 19th 2018, at 23.59. You may re-enter and edit your form until this deadline.

 Your claim will be assessed based on the premises of local negotiations in the Basic Collective Agreement, and the criteria described in the Institutional wage policy at the University of Oslo.

We encourage you to ask your closest manager for a pay appraisal interview before submitting your claim.

If you have any questions regarding salary and how to submit a claim, please contact your local trade union official (Tekna-UiO), or Akademikerne at UiO.

Akademikerne-UiO are hosting a meeting for members of affiliated trade unions in English with information about the local salary negotiations negotiations (HTA 2.5.1) at UiO on Wednesday August 8th at 12.30 – 14.30 (registration here).

This information meeting will also be held on Wednesday August 15th at 14 to 16 and at Friday August 17th at 9 to 11, in Norwegian.


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