Workshop and social event June 3rd

Join us for a workshop! Or just come later, for the food and drinks!

Have you ever felt lonely and wanted to see more of your PhD or post-doc-colleagues? Or had to worry about funding your current or future research (including securing that sweet post doc position you so much want)? Good thing, then, that the PhD Council exists!

The PhD Council is pleased to invite all PhD fellows and post docs at the Faculty of Law for a combined social get-together, general meeting and workshop on how to successfully fund research projects. It is an issue that many are facing not only with ongoing projects but also for securing future research position, as these to a larger extent than before require external funding in a highly competitive academic environment. The workshop will also be open for discussion on the broader topic of how to secure a future career in the legal academia.

The workshop is intended to reflect your needs so feel free to raise questions of your concerns, either in advance to or at the workshop.

COME ANYWAY: If funding or further research positions are not your worry or for any other reason you can’t join the workshop – please JOIN US ANYWAY for free dinner and drinks after the workshop.

The date is WEDNESDAY JUNE 3 and the schedule for the event is as follows:

15.30 – 17.00, Professorboligen Loftet. WORKSHOP on Research Project Funding with the purpose of providing an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other:

  1.     Daniel Arnesson ( on the rational for the workshop.
  2.     Presentation by Per Jørgen Ystehede ( ) on practicalities, possibilities and common mistakes when applying for research support and funding
  3.     Presentation by Kjersti Lohne ( on her experiences from PhD research funding.  
  4.     Workshop discussions and further Q&A

17.15 - 24.00 Place TBA. General meeting (presentation of the work that has been conducted by the PhD Council during the spring semester). Then DINNER and SOCIAL GET-TOGETHER


Please RSVP via nettskjema as soon as possible but no later than end of next Wednesday (May 27) so that we can secure plenty of wine and food!

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