Newsletter 1/2016

The PhD Council of 2016 would like to thank our predecessors for their efforts and accomplishments. We hope to continue this work and invite PhD fellows to actively engage with us for the purpose of improving our working environment and well-being.


The PhD council for 2016:

About the PhD Council

The Council for PhD fellows is the meeting point for the PhD fellows at the Faculty of Law. We represent the interests of the PhD fellows in the various bodies of the Faculty. In order to perform this task in the best possible way we ask that you contact us with issues you want us to bring up. We send you information about meetings and issues that concern the PhD fellows. The previous meeting was held on the 15th of January, 2016. You can find information about the decisions taken on the meeting here. Please feel free to give us input in order to improve the PhD working environment at the Faculty of Law.

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