PhD/post doc - Research Assistant Bridging Event

The PhD Council invites PhD fellows, post docs and research assistants to share their research experiences, get to know one another and share some food and drinks – at Professorboligen Friday 25th of September

On Friday the 25th of September, the PhD Council is together with research assistants organising an event with the aim of facilitating the academic exchange between the PhD research fellows, post docs and the scientific research assistants at the Faculty of Law. It will be a socio-professional event with presentations on experiences and advice on what it means to conduct PhD and post doc research at the Faculty. Focus will however be on the issues raised by the research assistants so they will have plenty of time to ask questions, both during the presentations and when the food and drinks are served.  

The event is taking place at Professorboligen between 5 pm and 10 pm.

We hope to see you there or possibly at Frokostkjelleren afterwards. It will be a great opportunity to get to know new people and catch up with old colleagues after the summer leave.

Please RSVP via nettskjema as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday September 17, so that we can secure enough wine and Food!

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