New PhD Council for 2014

A new PhD Council was appointed this week. The new PhD Council wishes to thank our predecessors for their efforts in 2013, and look forward to carry the baton through 2014.

Read on for information regarding the composition of the Council in 2014, our new English-language webpages, and our initiative: a list of funding sources available to PhD fellows.


The PhD council for 2014 is composed as following:

English-language webpages

We have now created complete english-language webpages for the PhD Council. They are available at

By providing information about or work in English as well as in Norwegian, we intend to improve access to information about our work and events. From now on out we will do our best to keep these web pages updated vis-a-vis their Norwegian counterparts. Older news articles etc. will not be translated.

New: List of funding sources

The first initiative of the new PhD Council is already visible on our webpages; an overview of funding sources. The idea is to develop a simple portal to all the various grants, scholarships, and other funding sources available to PhD fellows. Both internal sources, such as internationalization funds, and external sources of funding will be listed there.

Currently the list of funding sources is short, with only a few items. In order for the list to grow, we are dependent on feedback from the PhD fellows. If you come across a source of funding that is not on the list, please contact us at, and we will add it to the list. We would also very much like to hear bout the experiences that you have had when seeking funds from the listed sources. By helping to catalog such experiences, you will be able to assist others who are navigating through this jungle of scholarships and grants

About the PhD Council

The Council for PhD fellows is the meeting point for the PhD fellows at the Law Faculty, and we represent the interests of the PhD fellows in the various bodies of the faculty. In order to perform this task in the best possible way we ask that you contact us with issues you want us to bring up. We will send you information about meetings and issues that concern the PhD fellows.

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