Newsletter from the PhD Council - September 2014

The fall semester is well underway, and the PhD Council is pleased to bring you a newsletter filled with relevant news and announcements. Among the topics covered in this newsletter are details concerning teaching and subsequent extension of employment period for PhD fellows with 3 year contracts, a reminder concerning the upcoming general meeting of PhD fellows, and we also introduce a new member of the PhD Council.

General meeting of PhD fellows, including elections and tapas
The PhD Council has the pleasure of inviting you to our general meeting on Wednesday the 29th of October 18:00, in Kjerka (Domus Media). As last time, dinner (tapas) will be served, together with wine/beer/soda.

We will start the general meeting by presenting the PhD Council and the current topics on the Council's agenda. We will then open the floor for a general debate on issues relevant to PhD fellows. Feel free to send us suggestions for topics to discuss beforehand, or you may just bring them up during the general meeting. Among those topics are the mandatory PhD courses (A seminars), and the question of whether PostDocs should be invited to future general meetings and/or take part in the work of the PhD Council. Hopefully the discussions will be just as lively and fruitful as last time!

During the general meeting we will also elect next year's PhD council. Anyone who wishes to run for election are eligible - there is no need to register in advance. If you have any questions in this regard, or if you are already considering running for election, feel free to contact us on

Please RSVP via nettskjema as soon as possible, so that we can secure plenty of wine and food!

New member of the PhD Council: Daniel Arnesson
Daniel Arnesson, who was employed as a PhD Fellow just a few weeks ago, has joined the PhD Council. He will take over the tasks of Caroline Bang Stordrange, who is on a leave of absence.

Teaching and extension of employment period for PhD fellows with 3 year contracts
During the previous general meeting several PhD Fellows with 3 year contracts brought up the lack of teaching opportunities as an issue of concern. The PhD council has been working on this case in the fora that we are represented, and last week the dean approved as solution that makes it possible for PhD Fellows with 3 year contracts to teach and get an extension of their contract relative to their actual teaching workload. This is how the faculty describes the new routines (translated from Norwegian by the undersigned):

"PhD fellows with three year contracts will be given the opportunity to extend their contracts by up to a year based on the amount that they teach. Teaching must be done during the period of employment, and extensions will be given once per semester after completion of the teaching.

Based on the regular duty for PhD Fellowsat the Faculty of Law, the PhD Fellow can teach up until 112 hours of teaching, which amounts to one years extension. The extension can also be shorter, depending on the number of hours actually taught."

For more information (only available in Norwegian), see:

In closing...
... we would like to remind you that we want to hear your opinions on the topics we are working on, and tips as to issues we should put on our agenda. We are open for feedback at any time! Just grab a hold of one of us, or send us an e-mail on

For more information concerning our work, please see the minutes of our meetings, which are available on our website:

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