Popular science group

The Popular science group is the section of RF that is engaged in academic related activities. We organize popular science lectures and debates (eg. in the form of "Real Breakfast"/"science and breakfast") and help with the mandatory assignments. We also stay in contact with companies that might have a relevance for the members of RF in their later choices of work or studies.

Unlike many of the other groups at RF who either work early or late in the day, we have events at all times of the day.
Breakfasts are early and fit for the early bird, but if you're a night owl you can make dinner at the MatNat-NattMat events where we serve food to hungry students studying late close to deadlines.

REAL breakfast
Once a month the popular science group arranges "REAL breakfast", where we serve breakfast with egg and bacon, while we have a lecture or a debate on a popular science topic.

Panic Help
Approximately 4 times a year we arrange something called "panic help" for students who need help with their mandatory assignments. Currently we arrange these panic-sessions for students taking mathematics and informatics subjects at the first year.

Company Contact
The popular science group has a business contact who is responsible for keeping in touch with companies that need students educated within the areas of mathematics or natural sciences, and arrange business presentations (where a company can recruit future employees).


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