PsyDoc is an interest organisation for PhD's an Post-Doc's at the Department of psychology at the University of Oslo. The purpose of the organisation is to strengthen social and academic bonds between its members. We arrange social events, like Payday Pints! and dinners, and also workshops and seminars to strengthen our members skills.

From the left Ragnhild Bø, Ann-Marie Glasø de Lange, Andreas Berg Storsve, Anne Cecilie Sjøli Bråthen and Vidar Ulset. Photo by Svein Milde

The Organisation

The organisation is run by and for PhD's and Post-Doc's. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the organisation in any manner they wish. We aim at dividing the work between several members so that the work does not become a burden to your work. 

PsyDoc was founded by Torgeir Moberget in November 2013, who was at that time Co-chair in the larger UiOdoc, an organisation encompassing all of the University of Oslo. The current Board consists of Andreas Berg Storsve (Chair), Ragnhild Bø (co-Chair), Ann-Marie de Lange Glasø (member), Anne Cecilie Sjøli Bråthen (member), and Vidar Ulset (member).

The organisation is funded by the Department of Psychology, and the founding of the organisation was met with much enthusiasm, both by it's members as well as the faculty and staff at the department. 

In addition to this site, there is also a LinkedIn-account that posts information about any events the organisation arranges, as well as interesting scientific news.

Published May 20, 2014 8:36 PM - Last modified Jan. 29, 2016 1:16 PM