Local representatives for Parat UiO

The local  Parat representatives are your nearest contacts as a member of Parat UiO. They provide information, answer your questions and can help you when issues arise in your everyday work situation.


In addition to being the contact point for members, the local representative takes part in the faculties' or units' hearings and information meetings. In many places there are also local member's meetings and the local representative distributes information on local issues.


Principal Trade Union Official

Asle Fredriksen

Faculty of Humanities


Bjarne Skov

Faculty secretariat - Section for Studies

Bjarne Skov (Foto: Jan Unneberg)

Faculty of Law


Kari Amby Røine Hegerstrøm

IT Section


Ken Erling Jensen (deputy representative)

Finance and Planning Section

Ken E. Jensen (Foto: Jan Unneberg)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Tom Arild Caspersen

School of Pharmacy


Berit Løken Berg (deputy representative)

Department of Geosciences


Faculty of Medicine


Deborah Ann Arnfinsen

Institute of Health and Society




Faculty of Dentistry


Tordis Juul

Clinic for Adult Oral Health Care

Tordis Juul (Foto: Jan Unneberg)



Faculty of Social Sciences


Asle Fredriksen

Principal Trade Union Official


Faculty of Educational Sciences


Annette Hjelmevold

Department of Education



Natural History Museum


Nils-Petter Bergersen

Botanical Garden

Nils-Petter Bergersen (Foto: Jan Unneberg)



Museum of Cultural History


Kristian Omnes

Section for Human Resources

Kristian Omnes (Foto: Jan Unneberg)



University of Oslo Library


Pål Eiolf Kvarving

Humanities and Social Sciences Library


Management and Support Units


Lars Solheim

Internal Administration


Estate Department


Marius Heimly Amundsen

Facilities Management - Operations


Younas Mohammad Ibrahim (deputy representative)

Support Services - Security Operation Center


University Center for Information Technology (USIT)


Kristian Rikvold-Jess

IT Director's Office Staff


CERES - National Centre for

Systems and Services for Research and Studies


Sven Petter Myhr Næss

FS, GAUS and RUST Group


University Kinder garden


Venke Fonstad

Children's Nurse



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