Parat UiO's board

Asle Fredriksen (leader)

Main elected representative Parat UiO

Hege Tangen (deputy leader)

Centre for Study Administrative Services
Section for Credential Evaluation (ASK)


Marius Heimly Amundsen

Central Support - Estate Department
Operations Area Lower Blindern


Elisabeth Aronsen

Natural History Museum


Nils-Petter Bergersen

Natural History Museum
Botanical Garden

Nils-Petter Bergersen (Foto: Jan Unneberg)

Kari Amby Røine Hegerstrøm

The Faculty of Law


Annette Hjelmevold

Faculty of Education
Department of Education

Anne G. Innes

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Geosciences - Administration

Anne G. Innes (Foto: Jan Unneberg)

Tordis Juul

Faculty of Dentistry
Clinic for General Dentistry – Adults

Tordis Juul (Foto: Jan Unneberg)

Kristian Omnes

Museum of Cultural History
Section for Human Resources

Kristian Omnes (Foto: Jan Unneberg)

Bjarne Skov

Faculty of Humanities
Faculty secretariat - Section for Studies

Bjarne Skov (Foto: Jan Unneberg)

Snezana Djureinovic Eidhamar (1deputy member)

Faculty of Social Sciences


Tom Arild Caspersen (2nd deputy member)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Pharmacy - Administration


Stian Frammarsvik (3nd deputy member)

Faculty of Medicine




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