Member of Parat UiO

As an employee at the UiO you should be a member of Parat UiO because:

  • We are an organisation that takes responsibility. With a positive attitude and closeness to our members we speak up about issues that we find unacceptable. We believe in solutions that can be adapted to the different phases of life. The single person is more important than ever and our focus is on quality of life for our members.
  • We have special competence within the university and college sector that makes us particularly able to work for you as an employee of the University of Oslo.
  • We offer legal advice in issues related to the workplace. Parat also offers one hour per year of legal consultation with a lawyer free of charge in private matters.
  • We offer affordable insurances through Gjensidige insurance company. No mandatory insurance is included in the membership fee, however.
  • We are an organisation for all parts of vocational life because we organise members within the state, municipal as well as the private sectors. That implies competence and experience from all parts of professional life.

What is the cost of the membership?

Membership costs 1,2% of your salary up to a fixed sum of NOK 459,- per month (2017).
The upper limit of NOK 459,- per month makes membership very affordable for most employees.
Parat has no hidden costs with additional memberships in specialised professional organisations, and there is no fee on variable salary like pay for over time.

Please note also that a percentage of your membership fee is tax deductible!

Pensioners and others outside ordinary work positions pay NOK 400,- per year.
See Parat's pages for pensioners to find contact persons (in Norwegian)
For pensioners the sum is not tax deductible.

Membership application form

You register for membership online on ""'s web pages. The page is in Norwegian, but our local representatives are more than willing to assist you in the process of filling in the form.

If you do it on your own, be sure to tell your local representative about it and he/she will add you to the local members' e-mail list. Mails on this list which will keep you informed on activities, courses, deadlines for applying for a rise in salary through the local negotiation processes, etc.

Students and young people in organised vocational training do not pay for their membership - but may still use all the benefits!  Parat's Young People's organisation has special events for young members (Web pages in Norwegian only). See web pages for "Parat Ung"

Pensioners and others who are not working pay NOK 250,- per year. Parat's Pensioners' organisation has special events for pensioners, unfortunately their web pages are in Norwegian only. See  web pages for Parat Pensjonist

Other membership benefits

Your membership fee easily pays off in value when you start to use the multitude of membership benefits, which span from home insurance deals, petrol deals and even hotel deals to private legal advice! The most important value is, however, the assistance you get if something happens and you need assistance with work-related issues, such as reorganizing of your workplace or department, etc.

Your local representative can help you with these issues, and with the Parat central web pages on membership benefits

Published May 2, 2013 7:21 AM - Last modified Oct. 3, 2017 1:09 PM