Contact us

NTL University of Oslo is represented by local union officials on the various faculties and bigger units at UiO.

In addition, we are currently 4 persons working full time with the organization at UiO.

You can contact your local union official at your workplace, or the NTL UiO office directly:

Phone: 228 57252

You can also call union representatives directly. Please note it can be difficult to reach us at times due to meetings, so an email might be the most efficient way to make contact:

Ellen Dalen, chair, phone 228 55770,
Natalia Zubillaga, deputy chair, phone 228 55941
Line Grenheim, phone 228 45784
Sara Sundby, organisational secretary, phone 228 57252


Where to find us


Sem Sælandsvei 24
Physics building, 3rd floor, Blindern
0371 Oslo

We are located in Fysikkbygningen. You will find us at the 3rd floor in the eastern wing.


Find us on Google maps:

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