We have many competent and trained NTL union representatives at UiO working to improve your wage and working conditions. As a member of NTL UiO you are backed by a solid union!

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In Norway, approximately 85% of employees in the state and municipal sectors are organized. Trade unions work to ensure their members' rights and working conditions, and to negotiate salary increases for their members in local wage negotiations.

As a member of NTL, you can take part in the struggle for fairness at work along with some 50.000 colleagues.

Register your membership in NTL by filling out the following online form:
Online membership form

Membership benefits

In addition to the access to help from competent and trained NTL Union representatives, your NTL membership offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Representation and security regarding pay and conditions of employment
  • Co-determination in employment issues
  • Training free of charge organized by NTL, LO Stat and AOF
  • Legal assistance free of charge in employment-related issues
  • The right to apply for education grants
  • Norway's best home contets insurance and a competitive travel insurance
  • A series of insurances and other products from LOfavør, check out

The cost of membership in NTL is 1,1% of your income. In addition you pay a premium for the collective LOfavør insurance schemes: Home contents insurance, which is mandatory, and an optional travel insuranceCheck out this year's insurance premium costs.

Remember that your trade union membership fees can be deducted from your taxes. Read more about this on the web pages of the Norwegian Tax Administration.

You can find more information about how to register your NTL membership here:
Join our struggle!

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