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Fossils & Strata from 1995

Noe-Nygaard, Nanna 1995
Ecological, sedimentary, and geochemical evolution of the late-glacial to postglacial Amose lacustrine basin, Denmark.
Fossils & Strata Volume 37, pp. 1-436: F&S_37

Nielsen, Arne Thorshoj 1995
Trilobite systematics, biostratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Lower Ordovician Komstad Limestone and Huk Formations, south
Fossils & Strata Volume 38, pp. 1-374: F&S_38

Baarli, B. Gudveig 1995
Orthacean and strophomenid brachiopods from the Lower Silurian of the central Oslo Region.
Fossils & Strata Volume 39, pp. 1-93.: F&S_39

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